14.03.2016 - New online resource within on-course® to support biomedical science trainers with conceiving effective course formats

Did you ever wonder how to design a new course to best meet your learners’ needs? The new Toolkit for Trainers  within on-course® aims to help trainers create and explore new ways of teaching the biomedical sciences.

A key feature is the guided search app, which enables instructors to select the best training strategies based on their goals and target audience. Each method includes a description with guidance, plus trainers can also share their experiences on using these various teaching approaches with the wider community.

The toolkit also includes a fun quiz to encourage trainers to consider the diverse learning styles they might encounter in the classroom.

But most importantly, the toolkit provides an opportunity for instructors to share how they have used different methods, so that they can learn from each other and exchange best practice. Instructors can submit their own use cases and we’ll soon be enabling them to submit new methods, too.

The Toolkit is part of on-course®, an online course catalogue developed by EMTRAIN and funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative.