Building on the results of last year’s LifeTrain Workshop, i.e. the four sets of Agreed Principles for continuing professional development (CPD), around 45 delegates, old and new friends, joined the 2013 LifeTrain Workshop to report about their endeavours towards the implementation of the Principles. The 3rd  Workshop was hosted by Janssen in Brussels on  28-29 November 2013.

1. After a series of presentation of best practices and individual cases, the delegates were to answer and discuss the following questions:

-          What experience have you had so far?

-          What have the success been?

-          What have your greatest challenges been?

-          What should our next steps towards implementation be?

We heard success stories, but were also made aware of challenges and hurdles - in some cases apparently perceived insurmountable. (see below Break-out session slides (Day 2)).

2. Defined competency profiles, transparent competency portfolios and assessable competence were agreed to be the key to success. The future work of LifeTrain will focus particularly on these aspects.

3. How can LifeTrain support? – This question raised lively discussions. Numerous valuable feedback and suggestions were expressed and will guide the LifeTrain initiative in its future work.

We obtained a clear request to a) apply the IMI course quality criteria with common sense; b) work hard on the further enhancement of the on-course® resource; and c) improve communication.



The following workshop documents are available:

- Agenda

- Information for participants


Day 1:

- LifeTrain workshop 2013 the journey

- Competency as currency

- Vitae RDF Alison Mitchell

- Cogent


- PharmaTrain competency profile

- Employers AZ case study

- Professional Body case study TOPRA

- Course Provider FORUM Institute for Management

- Individual Scientist


Day 2:

Break-out  session:

Implementing The LifeTrain framework in your organisation experiences, successes, challenges, next steps

Break-out group 1: Break-out group 2: Break-out group 3: Break-out group 4:
Employers Professional Bodies Course Providers ESFRIBMS Initiatives

- Sustainability of the LifeTrain process