The first LifeTrain workshop was run by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Education and Training projects on 4-5 October 2011

In order to make Europe more competitive, a broad group of European Professional/Scientific bodies came together to develop a common framework for Continuous Professional Development (CPD). This enhanced guidance will support scientists working in all aspects of medicines’ discovery, development, processing and usage to maintain their professional competence in a rapidly changing environment.
“There was tremendous enthusiasm from all participants to combine forces for the good of R&D in Europe. The workshop outputs exceeded our expectations and we are now working together on the next steps” said Mike Hardman who chaired the LifeTrain workshop steering committee.

In parallel with the development of this new and unique common framework, work is underway with a range of employers and with academia/course providers to ensure that there is close alignment between: the individuals’ and employers’ needs; the guidance from the scientific bodies; and the provision of flexible, high quality courses.

Please refer to the following workshop documents:

1. Workshop agenda
2. Delegates list
3. LifeTrain concept paper
4. Workshop summary report

Life Train Workshop Manchester October 4-5, 2011