Identify and catalogue existing Public-Private Partnership PhD programmes in the relevant topics for drug development, in European centres of excellence, including contents, requirements and contracts. Develop a standardised framework contract for Public Private Partnership’ PhD students. Recruit all new IMI PhD students (from scientific IMI topics and from E&T Topics where relevant), into a PhD Network, facilitate communication across the Network, track progress and build a PhD alumni. Support PhD students in achieving mobility between academia and industry. Provide training for the drug development process and business awareness, resulting in a cohort of industry-aware PhD scientists to stimulate improved future industry-academia interactions including careers in the industry/academia. Students from outside the EU can be enrolled into the European training programme and thus broaden the base of scientists working in the EU.

WP Leader: EATRIS (Karolinska Institute), Infrafrontier (GIE-CERBM) and UCB


Coordinating Persons

aperia_anita Work Package Leader
Anita Aperia, Karolinska Institute

stockis100Work Package Co-Leader
Armel Stockis, UCB Pharma

Completion status

Work Package 6