Together with the biomedical industry, EMTRAIN creates a network that responds to existing and emerging training and education needs within disciplines related to medicines research and development. EMTRAIN wants to boost biopharmaceutical innovation in Europe and facilitate cross-border education needs. This is achieved with on-course® (

on-course® ...
… is the most comprehensive and sustainable biomedical and medicines R&D postgraduate course portal in Europe and thus helps thousands of biomedical course seekers to succeed and meet today’s and tomorrow’s biomedical industry needs.
… gives access to a wide selection of courses and levels, ranging from short course for Continuing Professional Development, to Master and PhD programmes.
… includes courses taught in over 20 different languages covering more than 60 scientific/therapeutic biomedical areas.
… offers fast and easy navigation of all the important course information summarised in a single page to find the right high-quality courses for biomedical and medicines R&D.
… is free of charge for course seekers and course providers.

The on-course® forum provides a platform for direct interaction between industry, students and course providers. The forum ensures that students are taught from an up-to-date curriculum that is relevant to the needs of industry.

on-course® identifies education and training gaps in Europe. Feedback from industry coupled with our comprehensive data gathering means that analysis of course information can be performed. This allows the identification of current gaps and needs. Course providers and employers can work together to meet those needs and use on-course® as a tool to promote or request courses or to develop new courses in demand.

Recently, the article "on-course® portal: a tool for in-service training and career development for biomedical scientists" was published in Drug Discovery Today.

The article's highlights:
  • on-course®: developed by IMI to meet the E&T needs of Europe's biomedical scientist.
  • Access to a comprehensive list of European biomedical postgraduate courses.
  • on-course® incorporates IMI quality standards for short courses (CPDs).
  • Advanced search options developed by pharmaceutical industry and academia.
  • on-course® will help identify E&T gaps in Europe.

For further information take a look at this link and the whole article.