06.11.2015 - Our merited former EMTRAIN colleague has taken up a new position managing a Marie Curie project.

As of beginning of October 2015 Dr Rebecca Ludwig has left EMTRAIN to take up a new position as project manager in the Marie Curie project ENLIGHT-TEN. Besides having taken a leading role in conceiving strategies for EMTRAIN projects’ sustainability she was co-leader of our project’s work package 8 titled 'Learning and teaching concepts and methodology'. In addition, Rebecca was responsible leading tasks in the on-course® project development team.

“Rebecca has contributed greatly to the success of EMTRAIN and its offspring products on-course® and LifeTrain”, EMTRAIN coordinator Mike Hardman remarks, ”we sincerely regret losing her.”

“The EMTRAIN family has been a fantastic team to work with and together we provided really valuable tools to the biomedical education and training landscape such as on-course® and the toolkit for trainers”, Rebecca concludes. ”I wish EMTRAIN all the best for their efforts to ensure the sustainability of these tools.”

All the EMTRAIN team wish Rebecca all the best for her future career and are looking forward to meeting her again within future EATRIS project collaborations.