Enjoy the Orpheus-Gallery and the Orpheus-Newsletter (as published on Orpheus 2014 website)

This year’s Orpheus conference was primarily dedicated to the topic of employability of PhD graduates. EMTRAIN’s contributions to the conference included a presentation to the pre-conference students workshop, a Workshop entitled ‘Public-private partnership PhDs and employability’, a well-visited IMI Education and Training booth, as well as five student bursaries, four from Turkey and one from Lithuania. EMTRAIN and the IMI Education and Training projects were represented by Anita Aperia, Mike Hardman and Christa Janko.

One of the many interesting encounters at our booth was with a group called Glowbase (www.glowbase.com). This young company, a spin-off of the University of Zurich, facilitates the recruitment of PhD candidates for supervision and study coordinators. Currently still focusing on Switzerland, they plan to expand to a global company. They are building up a database of PhD positions. It remains to be explored whether an automated exchange with on-course® will be feasible in future.